What does a size of penis depend upon?

Penis is built of two collateral corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum which expands into glans penis. The moment that those corpora are filling with blood, the tissues along the length of penis are expanding thus causing an erection.

During an erection, your body is filling corpus cavernosum with as much blood as possible. Corpus cavernosum ability to expand and contract controls the size of your erection more than any other organs.

XtraSize improves absorptivity and abilities of corpora cavernosa permanently thus enlarging the size of your penis.

Xtra Size is a dietary supplement in a form of pills. This supplement improves the blood circulation inside your body and increases absorptivity and abilities of corpus cavernosum. Thanks to that, right at the moment the tissues chambers inside penis expand, tissues fill out to a way bigger extent than before a treatment with this supplement. As a result, length, girth and erection power are increased.

Thanks to a unique American recipe, the effects of Xtra Size are permanent and do not decline after the end of the treatment. Enlarged and more efficient corpora cavernosa keep their size thus allowing you to enjoy, all the time, penis that is bigger and has more girth.

Even if you have no problem with an erection, an increased absorptivity of corpus cavernosum will provide you with both greater length and bigger girth of penis. What is more, your erection will be stronger.

The use and the effects

It is suffice to take one pill of XtraSize everyday after the breakfast. The first effects of using this supplement, namely stronger erection and better stamina of your body, will be visible after a few days. As the treatment continues, the size of a penis increases step by step.

One package of XtraSize contains 60 pills, thus treatment lasts 2 months. It is enough to improve your erection and make your penis longer by 3 cm. This provides more pleasure during a sex.

In order to get the best effects, it is advisable to buy three packages of XtraSize and use it for 6 months. We guarantee that this period of time is enough to lengthen a penis by 7,5 cm and to improve its girth. In such a way, you and your partner will be able to get the most of your sex.

Proven formula

Natural ingredients of the highest quality are the secret of XtraSize. All the substances used for XtraSize production are taken from the crops of certified producers who specialize in cultivation of herbs and plants for dietetic and medical purposes. Our unique recipe is the result of work done by the American team of scientists, doctors and food experts.

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